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A sunny morning

Went for a walk this morning down to the beach. It was cold, but lovely in the sunshine. It was one of those reflective moments when you're happy to be alive, yet unsure where you are heading or where you have been.

It was nice. And looked like this.
the eyes

fighting entropy one moment at a time

I am entropicon. The creative alter-ego of a mild-mannered publisher.

Here you’ll find recorded my many and varied creative endeavours.

Accounts of my battles with the evil Procrastinator and The Time Bandit.

Tales of my adventures with The Muse; a sort of love hate relationship that will leave you screaming at the screen.

And the record of how I set up my creative secret lair.

It’s all here, at entropicon, the story of the icon, me, fighting entropy.

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A creative challenge

Seeing as it seems I can’t get anywhere at the moment I can feel the frustration slowly building. There are a lot of reasons why I’m not getting any of my creative projects moving, but I can’t keep making excuses.

I recently stumbled across Melissa Dinwiddie and her 15 minute creative challenge. The idea seems to have struck a chord with me, and not d minor either. I’m going to briefly ponder the idea and then personalise it for myself. I think two reasons why it is such a good idea are:

  1. The setting up of a regular moment to be creative. The concept of ritual has always been of interest to me.
  2. The accountability of sharing your creations. That is exactly what I have wanted to do with this site.

The next post here will be about my personal ritual and to what accountability I will hold myself. Perhaps the biggest challenge for myself will be to not think too big and limit myself to what I can achieve.

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The NaNoWriMo Challenge Complete

It has taken me four attempts, but finally I have completed NaNoWriMo. I now have 50,000 words that I have written in one month. They aren’t great words, but it is a story that I will continue to edit and make available on here at some point in the future. (Along with finishing the other stories I had attempted in the previous years.)

So how did I manage to complete the challenge this year? I have to say it was a mix of determination and making sure I kept to the daily word count. By the end of the first week I was already ahead. Then when the difficult days arrived I was able to not fall too far behind.

Finally a couple of really good days brought me back and then above the required word rate. Once I was back in front I knew I had cracked it.

Nano winners badge

A little prize

Now I just need to find something to do for the other eleven months of the year… oh yes, I already have a few things to do.

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More NaNo stuff

So we’re just coming up to the weekend, at the end of which two weeks of NaNoWriMo will be over. The good news is that I am still pretty much on track. And that is despite having a really tough week. It started with being unable to write on Monday while I was away at a team leader event – well I managed about 200 words, but I was so tired i gave up.

The rest of the week has involved tying to catch up, and I almost have, but also struggling with the plot and where to go next. I should have planned out a lot more before I started but I was unsure what story idea to use. So this weekend after I have done my daily word count I really need to get the plot sorted.

I have been writing using both google docs and scrivener for windows. It has involved a lot of copy and pasting. One thing that I have noticed is that after something has been copied from google to scrivener then saved, when it reopens it is highlighted in black. First time I saw this I thought I had lost all the words, but simply un-highlighting the text solved it. Apart from that I have enjoyed using scrivener and will make sure I buy a copy when the final version is released.

So that’s where I am at, fairly pleased all in all. If only the rest of life was so simple.

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the eyes


Shivered, my breath caught,
foetal in numbed lassitude
momentary asphyxiation
sweat frozen on iced skin

for one moment… alone
I thought she was gone;
for one moment… together
I though she was here

A dream, my night-terror?
but eyes wide-open in trance.
Sleep, perchance to scream
Awake; and hope to dream

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